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Europe Day is celebrated every year on

    A. 8 May
    B. 9 May
    C. 10 May
    D. 12 May

    Submitted by: Kathy

    Europe Day held on 9 May every year celebrates peace and unity in Europe. The date marks the anniversary of the historic ‘Schuman declaration’ that set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe, which would make war between Europe’s nations unthinkable.

    ‘International nurses day’ is observed on ________________?

      A. 12 May
      B. 12 April
      C. 12 march
      D. 12 February

      Submitted by: Farhan Sikandar Gondal

      International Nurses Day is observed on May 12 each year to honor the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. It serves as a reminder of the crucial role nurses play in the healthcare industry, highlighting their significance alongside doctors.

      Ease of doing business report published by __________?

        A. World Economic Forum
        B. World Trade Organization
        C. IMF
        D. World Bank

        Submitted by: Bello Ktk

        The Ease of Doing Business Report is a publication of the World Bank Group that benchmarks business regulation in 190 countries worldwide. A high ease of doing business ranking means that the regulatory environment in such country is more conducive to the starting and operating a local business.

        Five Eyes Intelligence-sharing Alliance include:

          A. Iran,China,UAE,Russia,North Korea
          B. Israel,US,UK,Japan,Finland
          C. US,Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK
          D. None of These

          Submitted by: Bello Ktk

          The Five Eyes (FVEY) is an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These countries are parties to the multilateral UKUSA Agreement, a treaty for joint cooperation in signals intelligence.

          What is the name of World Largest Artificial Forest?

            A. Al-Khair
            B. Changa Manga
            C. Living Forest
            D. Saihanba National Forest Park (China)

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            Which is the only majority Muslim member of the NATO alliance?

              A. Macedonia
              B. Turkey
              C. Albania
              D. Spain

              Submitted by: Adeeb Rahman

              Explaination: NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization.It was formed in 1949 by 12 cheif founding members. NATO comprised of 31 state members and Turkey is the only a muslim majority state member of NATO.Turkey

              The first case of monkeypox in humans was recorded in which country?

                A. Kenya
                B. Nigeria
                C. Democratic Republic of Congo
                D. India

                Submitted by: Gulzar Ahmed Dahani

                Monkeypox virus, a zoonotic orthopox DNA virus related to the virus that causes smallpox, was first described in humans in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire).