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“Uchau” is a kalash festival, celebrated in: ___________?

    A. Autumn 
    B. Mid winter
    C. Spring
    D. Summer

    Submitted by: Farhan Sikandar Gondal

    The three main festivals of Kalasha include the Chilam Joshi in the middle of May, the Uchau in autumn, and the Caumus in midwinter. Chilam Joshi is celebrated with the spirit of gratitude as the people of Kalash pray for the safety of their fields and animals.

    “Chilum Joshi” is a festival celebrated in __________?

      A. Kalash Valley 
      B. Gilgit Baltistan
      C. Peshawar
      D. None of these

      Submitted by: Farhan Sikandar Gondal

      Chilum Joshi is a festival celebrated by Kalasha People in Kalash, Chitrak KPK -Pakistan which is also known as the Spring Festival of Kalash.

      New England in North America is _____________?

        A. Island of England
        B. State of USA
        C. Region comprising six states of USA
        D. Province of Canada

        Submitted by: Ali Hassan

        New England is a northeastern region of the United States comprising the states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

        Tharparkar ( Sindh) is the_______ largest desert in the world and is considered to be the only fertile desert?

          A. 18th
          B. 19th
          C. 20th
          D. None of these

          Submitted by: Talib Hussain Khoso

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